Airport Driving Maps





New Ohare Intl. Airport Driving Maps 

Effective From December 31st, 2020 to February 25th, 2021

Advanced Driver Map

 Aircraft Repositioning Map 

Basic Drivers Map

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AOA Alert A12-A13.jpg

AOA Alerts

Please see the attached AOA Alert for the re-designation of the A12 taxiway to A13. Only 1 change on this publication cycle.


New maps with updated changes will be emailed out and will be available Thursday at the training complex.

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The LAHSO Fact Sheet contains information on the 9C-27C and 10C-28C Land and Hold Short Operation that can be utilized on both Runways. The Document is 8.5"x11", we highly recommend having a printout with you anytime you are participating in the Taxi of an Aircraft or operating a vehicle in these areas 

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