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Airport Driving Maps





New O'Hare Intl. Airport Driving Maps 

Effective From November 3, 2022, until December 29, 2022

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AOA Alerts

NEW Airport Design AC 150/5300-13B


There has been a significant change to the FAA "Airport Design" Advisory Circular AC 150/5300-13B, which became effective on March 31, 2022.


There are quite a few design changes, but one significant change (an actual good change) that may affect all contractors working on the airfield is the reduction of the Taxiway and Taxilane object free area dimensions.


Attached with this email is an AOA Alert showing the revised dimensions.


We have also included the Advanced Construction Summary Guide (as of April 22, 2022)


All Taxiway critical areas are updated. There is a minor change to the use of the 221.d limits, please review and be familiar with the new procedures.


There is one outstanding issue with the use of solar lights for taxiway closures. Ops is finalizing operating procedures for the use of these lights, as soon as they are completed we will update the summary guide and let everyone know.


Attached is the current airfield map good through May 19, 2022.


Please make sure you are working closely with OMP, CCA, or your project design team and manager to ensure we are letting Ops know of specific construction issues on your respective project.

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The LAHSO Fact Sheet contains information on the 9C-27C and 10C-28C Land and Hold Short Operation that can be utilized on both Runways. The Document is 8.5"x11", we highly recommend having a printout with you anytime you are participating in the Taxi of an Aircraft or operating a vehicle in these areas 

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